Excerpts from Devotional Concert in Chile - 10/13/12


[Summary of October 13 was the pop devotional yesterday] - the “concert” was introduced by Elder Archuleta with another Elder, it was a devotional with pop music and hymns.

-David sang in English: How Firm A Foundation, I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus, Everybody Hurts, A Thousand Miles, Heaven, I’m Strong, Eye of the Tiger, Imagine, Dixie, and What a Wonderful World.

-David sang in Spanish: Hero (Hero de Mariah Carey Spanish version), dreams, One Minute More (Spanish version), remote control to his son, Gracias A La Vida, the life is a Carnival and several hymns.

-For “Eye of the Tiger” David did a few moves of boxing as a boxer, it was very funny!, although he apologized later with everyone since there are certain rules for the missionaries.

-For life is a Carnival, David danced salsa and made everyone is stopped from their seats so they danced also, for that he also had to ask for permission.

-David said that the decision to carry out its mission was very difficult, that came from his heart as well as his music, and it was something that had to do.

That happiness that David is serving and doing what more ama! Be with God, bringing many people to the word of God and cantando♥ * credits to David Archuleta Venezuela *

sounds like a great concert, but it’s a shame no photos and videos are allowed as per David’s request :(

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    ok, even though this was a song he sang in Spanish, if by “Dreams” it was the Fleetwood Mac song, I’m just about dead...
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    sounds like a great concert, but it’s a shame no photos and videos are allowed as per David’s request :(
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